After careful consideration we have decided not to present our courses as attendance based courses due to the ongoing pandemic implications, but rather to switch to E-LEARNING.

The normal course of 5 days will now be presented over a period of 4 months. You will be able to watch recordings of each of the subjects, as per the programme schedule. After each recording you will do a short assignment on that specific subject. You will then receive a certificate after completing all of the modules.

Please contact us to receive the start date of the course.

Course Overview

Our Property Development Programme (PDP) is designed to provide an opportunity for public and private sector practitioners and employees to learn the fundamentals that underpin property development. It deals with the development process regarding residential, commercial and industrial property and is suitable for any person who wants to obtain a better understanding of the profitable property development industry. A real life workshop takes you through the practical structuring of a feasibility study.

Topics covered:

  • Property economics;
  • Marketing and an analysis of the SA property market;
  • Important legislation;
  • Property viability;
  • Property law;
  • Valuation of residential & income producing properties;
  • Special aspects regarding sales contracts;
  • Calculating NPV & IRR;
  • Overview of town planning;
  • Understanding the principle’s of town planning;
  • Differences between capitalisation rates;
  • Development process;
  • Green buildings;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Financing a development;
  • Dealing with financial institutions;
  • Understanding the listed property sector.

Our continuous quality management and evaluations obtained from delegates consistently reflect that this property development course is an excellent learning experience. This programme prepares candidates to enter a lucrative property development career path.

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Comments from Delegates

“Very informative, more equipped to assist my clients with their accommodation needs.”

“It was very detailed and practical.”

“The lecturers are well experienced and the handbooks are very good material that one can use in the future.”

“The course is very practical and gave me a good all over understanding of property development.”

“It was very informative and it presented all the diverse topics within the industry.”

“The way it was presented to us, made me love the industry even more.”


R18,000.00 per delegate (includes study material)

Please contact us for more information with regards to the fees of the course.

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