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The Immovable Asset Management Programme is structured and presented in groups to government agencies.

Please contact us for a quotation to present this course in-house to your staff.

Course Overview

Immovable asset management, within the context of legal requirements, is of particular importance to public, State Owned Entities and private sector employees.

This programme has been designed to benefit new entrants to the asset management environment, and to enable current asset management practitioners and management to improve their understanding and gain appreciation for new generation of business-wide asset management systems-approach ushered in with the introduction of ISO 55000 and other best practices.

On completion of the course, delegates should be able to utilise the relevant concepts of immovable asset management and contribute to future development of immovable asset management as a strategic tool in their workplace. The contents of the course are broad based and supported by extensive course material.

Asset management is a truly multidisciplinary practice. It draws on techniques from the management, social and built environment sciences. This course will typically benefit engineers, other built environment and financial practitioners including accountants, financial analysts and investment planners, maintenance practitioners and facility managers, as well as others working in asset-rich organisations.

NOTE: This course is extremely suitable for in-house presentation. Clients that opted for In-house programmes for big groups have benefited financially from our special quotes.

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Comments from Delegates

“Knowledge gained on topic.”

“Relevant information.”

“Learned a lot!”

“Content is very good and useful for application.”

“Good exposure through exercises.”

“Very dynamic way of presentation.”

“Sharing of knowledge and experience on provincial level.”

“Very applicable.”

“Excellent & interactive.”


Classroom tuition


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