After careful consideration we have decided not to present our courses as attendance based courses due to the ongoing pandemic implications, but rather to switch to E-LEARNING.

The normal course of 5 days will now be presented over a period of 4 months. You will be able to watch recordings of each of the subjects, as per the programme schedule. After each recording you will do a short assignment on that specific subject. You will then receive a certificate after completing all of the modules.

Please contact us to receive the start date of the course.

Course Overview

The Construction Project Management Programme (CPMP) is an intensive course aimed at people in first and middle management positions in the built environment.

The content is suitable for both public servants and private sector practitioners, structured to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of project management and the application thereof in practice. The course will introduce delegates to the innovative and novel practices in project management, making it a practical applicable skill. On completion of the course, delegates should be able to utilise the relevant concepts when executing projects and contribute to future development of project management as a strategic tool in their workplaces.

The positive impact that PM knowledge and skill will have on your work and private life is mostly hugely underestimated because you do not know what you are missing. Anything undertaken, work or fun, has financial, time, quality and other limitations. It will always simply be done better if you are PM-wise.

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Comments from Delegates

“It was worth it for me to travel about 24 hours to come and attend this course – very good!”

“Enthusiasm and love for construction is really inspirational. Learnt an enormous amount.”

“Keep it up, it is a very good course for new practitioners.”

“The legal context and overlapping to construction are very good.”

“Very experienced lecturers with real world knowledge of the industry.”

“Teaching manner is excellent, material is logical and well organised.”

“Overall coverage of the course exceeded what I expected to get from such a course.”

“Course content is excellent!”

“Trainers very knowledgeable and experienced.”


R18,000.00 per delegate (includes study material)

Please contact us for more information with regards to the fees of the course.

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