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Step 1: Entrance Requirements

The only requirement we have is that you have completed matric.

Step 2: Complete Application

Please complete the following application form and we’ll get back to you:

For more information around the pricing of the individual courses, please see the fees tab on the specific course page.

Step 3: Payment

After payment has been received, you’ll receive confirmation of your acceptance on the programme. Our course coordinators will be in touch to finalise the logistics around the programmes.

Additional Information

The course fee must be paid prior to attendance. An invoice will be issued on acceptance of your registration. Before delegates register they should ensure that their attendance has been approved and an official order is issued where applicable. If the sponsor fails to settle the course fee, the delegate will be held personally responsible for payment.

  1. Successful applicants will be advised of their acceptance, as soon as possible.
  2. Please complete and submit your form. Make and keep a copy for yourself.
  3. With your acceptance to the course, an invoice and the relevant banking information will be provided for immediate payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Faxed or e-mailed registration forms constitute valid reservations and after acceptance the applicant will be held responsible for payment.


Cancellations for the course must be received not later than three weeks before the course starts. In the event that the applicant cannot find a replacement, no refund will be made. In case of insufficient applications for the course, we reserve the right to cancel the course. Applicants will be informed and all fees will be refunded immediately.